PSPG Training Center

TRAINING CENTER PSPG is the only place in Poland conducting series basic and advanced training in plastic and reconstructive gynecology and the latest minimally invasive aesthetic gynecology techniques. Thanks to cooperation with foreign experts in the Medifem Clinic, pioneering and innovative treatments are performed.


Plastic gynecology is a new field of surgical medicine, where task is to correct the appearance and improve the function of the female genital organs. The unusual appearance of the female genitalia leads them to believe that they are significantly different from the rest. The changes resulting after delivery and the aging process have a negative impact on the quality of life in general, and on intimate relationships in particular. Among the plastic gynecological procedures most commonly performed are: vaginal surgery and plastic surgery of the lower labia.

The workshops aim at acquainting participants with basic and most frequently performed plastic gynecology procedures:

  • labia minora plasty or correction of the appearance of the labia minora (10 surgical techniques)
  • vaginal surgery, vaginal and perioperative vaginal surgery
  • performed to restore anatomical conditions from the first delivery (2 surgical techniques)

During the workshop participants will be familiarized with microinvasive surgical techniques such as:

  • volumetric filling of larger labia (2 treatment techniques)
  • hoodoplasty or plastic surgery of the clitoris of the clitoris – general outline
  • augmentation of the G spot area – general outline

Lectures will be delivered on the following subjects:

  • Plastic gynecology in the light of Evidence Based Medicine (30-45 min.)
  • Detailed anatomy of the pelvis, vagina and vulva with focus on the areas of the above mentioned treatments (20-30 min.)
  • Complications after gynecology plastic surgery, e.g. after labioplasty (20 min.)

Recording from labiovaginoplasty and vaginoperineoplasty (ca. 2-2.5 hours) and an outline of other techniques from plastic gynecology will be presented.

There will be 2-3 live sessions in the operating and treatment rooms.


Advanced training will supplement the knowledge acquired during the workshop from the foundations of plastic gynecology with the following techniques in the field of:

  • labia minora plasty
  • vaginoperineointroitoplasty

During the workshop participants will be familiarazed with the following surgical techniques:

  • liporeduction of the pubic and inner thighs
  • labiomajoraplasty
  • hoodofrenuloplasty
  • augmentation of G spot
  • vaginal revitalization

Lectures will be delivered on the following subjects:

  • New techniques in plastic gynecology (45-70 min.)
  • Labioplasty – controversy not only in the choice of operating method (30 min.)
  • Revitalization of the intimate zones of a woman (10 min.)
  • Plastic gynecology: complications and how to avoid them (10-15 min.)
  • Pubic liporeduction (15-20 min.)

There will be a recording presented from three operations: vaginoperineointroitoplasty, clitorolabiominoploplasty, hoodofrenuloplasty (about 2-3 hours), labiomajoroplasty and liposuction mons pubis. There will be 2-3 live sessions in the operating and treatment rooms.

Each training ends with a CERTIFICATE honored in the best clinics in Poland.


The basic and advanced course is conducted by Andrzej Barwijuk and Michał Barwijuk.

Michał Barwijuk graduated Advance Modern Cosmetic – Plastic Gynecology at the Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Gynecology in Florida (USA) in January of this year. This places him as the leader in aesthetic and plastic gynecology in Poland.

In the USA, he has been practicing the latest surgical techniques that will only be available in Europe at the end of this year or early next year. Today He know what will be a real hit in aesthetic gynecology in 2018 and what treatments are most effective and how to properly classify patients to minimize invasive procedures. Now he shares his knowledge with other doctors by training the Polish Society of Plastic Gynecology PSPG.


Training with aesthetic gynecology discusses the latest techniques of revitalization of intimate zones using laser-excipient or platelet rich plasma, along with discussing other alternative methods. There are rules for classifying patients for specific treatments, including laser treatment for stress urinary incontinence.


  • Qualification of patients for surgery – interview and gynecological examination
  • Indications and contraindications to specific medical procedures
  • Discussion on available techniques and procedures and the benefits of using them
  • Why platelet-rich plasma is essential in the development of aesthetic medicine and gynecology and how does it work?
  • Does vaginal laser treatment for stress urinary incontinence work in every case and what are the alternatives?


The treatment methods discussed above are presented in the workshop section.

During the procedure, details are explained:

  • Patient preparing the and medical background
  • The course of treatment; where special attention should be paid?
  • What is the difference between laser treatment for stress urinary incontinence and revitalization treatment?
  • How to avoid complications?
  • Recommendations for patients and outpatient care
  • Redeem how to proceed when correction is needed?

PSPG Training Center

continuing education during practical workshops

After the congress, there is a possibility of continuation of education in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic gynecology during dedicated periodical workshops by the Polish Society of Plastic Gynecology PSPG at the Women’s Medifem Clinic in Warsaw.

Use the limited offer for training available only during the 3rd International Congress of Plastic and Aesthetic Gynecology.

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