II International Congress of Plastic & Aesthetic Gynecology

25-26 Jun 2016, Sound Garden Hotel, Warsaw


The 2nd Congress of Plastic and Aesthetic Gynecology was a meeting of international specialists and a compendium of theoretical and practical knowledge that is the basis for the introduction of plastic and aesthetic gynecology procedures to your clinic.

During the meeting, techniques of labiomatoplasty, labiomajoroplasty, vaginoplasty, masking and perineoplasty were discussed, which successfully and painlessly can be performed in the treatment room. Novalty during the congress ware”BellaMama” procedures, such as abdominoplasty, liposuction and lipotransfer. Those procedures restoring the silhouette of women from the first pregnancy.

Anti-Aging Plasma (PRP), Hyaluronic Acid, and Laser Therapy, including the novelty in 2nd generation lasers, are new to the aesthetic gynecology market. Lectures by foreign speakers have shown how dynamic the West market is, and what techniques are most popular.

During the video presentation, recommended treatment procedures supported by research and publications were demonstrated.
Legal aspects and medical marketing issues are business must have and proof of how content and comprehensibility of content affects their reception, opinion and ultimately the trust and safety of both the patient and the physician.

All participants and speakers of the congress recieved recording of lectures. Participation granted access to all materials. Those of you who could not be with us are invited to watch interviews with speakers and unlocked videos, and to follow our profile on facebook, where we will be announcing the currently shared videos.

The next Congress of Plastic and Aesthetic Gynecology in a similar formula is planned for the spring of 2018.